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Should I mist baby rubber plants
Welcome to Greg, Celest! It depends on the plant and the reasons. I find that plants that need more humidity are better off near a humidifier or in a little greenhouse.
Some folks love misting their plants, but you must be careful because standing water on leaves can cause issues- make sure you have a fan on to help dissipate the water. Honestly, misting only raises the humidity level around that plant for a few minutes if it's not in a greenhouse environment.

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I personally advise against misting plants, but that’s just me. Just like @sarahsalith said, misting plants means that the water will stay on the surface of the leaves, and isn’t actually absorbed by the plant. This standing water can sometimes cause issues—and what’s more, misting plants has essentially been proven ineffective to increase the humidity surrounding the plant.

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@GodsGrace Welcome to Greg! I mist my rubber plants daily. I don’t soak them I just mist them.
Hope you found the help you needed :)

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