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Hi everyone! Any thoughts? Desert Rose lost its buds, is ...

10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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Welcome to Greg!!

I just walked outside to feel my desert rose. It's firm, but it's also a slightly squishy. I know mine is in good condition. Sometimes, if my plant isn't getting enough light, I will get yellow leaves. However, as soon as I put my plantοΏΌ back in the sun, it pushes out new leaves.οΏΌ
@RJG you have some good sizes desert rose plants- do you have any suggestions?
Have you recently repotted it?
@sarahsalith thank you! That helps! It might be in too shady of a spot outside
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@RJG no, picked it up on Mother’s day. It is still in the nursery plastic container, 10”. Outside in the shade, minimal direct light.
@LadyAlula oh cool. They're divas when repotted so that was my thought.

I would agree w @sarahsalith that the more light you give them the better.
@RJG thanks!