Posted 1M ago by @geor

Potential Pests??

#Dieffenbachia Anyone recognize these spots? They go all the way through the leaf, I haven't spotted any pests and I just repotted her into a smaller pot last night to check out her soil, nothing out of the ordinary but as we all know, those pests are experts at hiding!
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I do think it looks more like fungus or some other small infection, but I am not sureπŸ€”
1M ago
@MockingJay any tips on dealing with a fungal issue?!
@geor I don't really have that much experience with treating fungus.. But I have heard you often should cut the infected leaves and treat the whole plant with a fungicide. Sometimes you can make one yourself. I have tried with a mix of 1 part dishwasher-soap to 9 part water. Sometimes with a little vinegear in. But not really sure if it has been fungus that have made my spotsπŸ˜…

Baking soda mixed with water and soap might also work.
neem oil and dish soap mixed with water