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Rescued plants, can they be saved?
I “rescued” these plants from my mom’s house where they were not in optimal living conditions (low to no light, left to dry out and then soaked and sitting in water). Is there any hope for these three? Now they’re living in a south facing window with lots of direct light. Any tips/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
They don't look awful, I think they look pretty good. with the proper care, (yours) lighting and watering they should be fine. Make sure the pots have drainage, if not I'd wait a week or so for them to acclimatize to your home then, if needed, pot them up in pots with drain holes and fresh soil, at that time you could check the roots for any issues, if dead or mushy roots, cut them off with steralized snips or ✂️ otherwise they should be fine under you great care 🌱🌿💚
I’m not sure what the first plant is, but since it has a new leaf, I’d say that there’s hope for it! I would cut off all of the dried up, brown dead leaves, but leave all of the ones that are just curled up. Once you get its conditions right, they should go back to normal.

The second looks like an agloanema. They’re kinda picky and slow growing, but it looks like it’s still alive. They like bright, indirect light so I’d move it out of the sun’s direct path.

I don’t know what the third is either, but it doesn’t look dead to me. I’d try to see if you can find out what it is, to be able to research that plant and give it the care it requires. Wilting is usually a sign of a light or water issue though, if that helps! 🪴💚

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