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White tips and spotting on ponytail palm 😞
Why is my ponytail palm getting these white stripe/spots? They are on the tips of new leaves too. The old leaves got more of brownish yellow tips. I have it next to a window I only have maybe 6 hours of bright sunlight on a good day at this time of the year. I checked for any kind of infestation but there's nothing suspicious. Thanks in advance for any insight/suggestions! πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Here is a picture of the problem (for some reason the Post button goes grey if I add the picture to the main post πŸ˜‘)
White tips could be indicative of sunburn. Does the window have blinds or a sheer curtain?
@Dezibynature there's only a black out blind, so I don't use it. Online said that ponytail palm survive in very dry and sunny area in nature so I didn't think that the sunlight here (Canada) can hurt it πŸ₯Ί we don't even have a lot of sun, it's like ~3-5 hours of sun on a good day which is maybe 2-4 days a week 😩
Then it’s possible it’s not the sun. What’s your watering schedule like? It could be over or under watering
@Dezibynature I might have overwatered it when I first brought it home πŸ₯² but since learning about the plant, I haven't watered it for 2-3 weeks, but the problem persists and more white spots/tips show up... Could it still be because of the past overwatering? 😦
It could very well be. So check the roots to see how they look. Cut away any damaged roots and repot
@Dezibynature will do, thanks! 😊
@SportyBaybean anytime!!
I know they like direct sun, but do you think it might be too humid where the plant is? I'm stumped.

Perhaps it happened in the past and those are just the scars of overwatering.
@sarahsalith he got the possibly driest spot in my apartment (~10-20%) so I think it is really scars from past overwatering 😞 I was hoping that the spotting would stop spreading but it's been a few weeks and he's in a terracotta pot... I'll probably have to dig up his roots and see if it's still too moist down there. Thanks for giving me the confirmation ☺️

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