Posted 3w ago by @FirstCanna

Is this supposed to be like this?
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Oh that looks like mold and an overwatering issue to me!
@vvvelo can you help?
The center looks really fuzzy/full. Could it be webs? Have you tried to touch it?
@PlantMompy yes it is mushy!
@malobee I believe it is mold
@FirstCanna might be time to repot and see what the damage is, and if the mother plant is too sick, propagate what you can.
It’s a total loss😢😢😢
I agree with comments above - it looks like mold. It maybe a result of overwatering. I’d pull out that plant from that soil, wash off everything from the top and bottom/roots. Then I’d keep the plant in a warm(not hot) bright place to make it dry, for 5 days minimum. But if the top is mushy - bad sign :(
@vvvelo it’s too late to save it… what didn’t get smushed fell apart… 🥲🥲🥲
@FirstCanna don’t get upset! Succulents it is a “win or lose” plants. Not all of them can feel comfortable with us in our houses. I have this issue either. I tend to take too much care of them (read it as OVERWATER them), and some of them just die.
@vvvelo I know… I hope the other one doesn’t get like that too… 🥲

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