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Grow Lights?
Some of my plants like those attached below are bigger plants that need grow lights but are too big to put under the traditional ones. Does anyone know of any strip grow lights or simply ones that will fit these guys? They just need to not be obstructing my path and not something you nail into the wall. #GrowLights
Have you gone back and checked the hashtag? Maybe folks have some suggestions.

I have some led tube lights that I like. I think @vvvelo just got some cool ones. I'll find my link.
Have you considered getting grow bulbs for lamps you already have? This is a grow bulb above me and looks totally normal!

And my monstera loves it (back corner)
Here's the link to mine- the price when down!

2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light - 1 Bulb Light System - Fluorescent Hydroponic Indoor Fixture Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs (2 Foot & no Reflector (DL8021 2pack), Cool White | Vegetative)
strip LEDs should work as long as theres enough lumens. drew has a great idea as well, you can just replace your current bulbs with grow bulbs :)
I have a couple of these type lamps on the way. Easy to move around, though Im sure you could find something more aesthetically pleasing
I have a grow light on a tri pod and it's arms are adjustable. It works nicely
I love these!! Got them on Amazon. I just move it to wherever I need it ❀️
@RJG that’s what I did. I put bulbs in my own light. It seems to be working well.

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