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One-sided Schefflera

As y'all can see, he's gotten a little lopsided. I know these can be propagated from cuttings, just wanted some tips from folks who've done it successfully. The end goal is to make it fuller. All help is appreciated! #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #propagationstation #schefflera
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Personally I rooted mine in water and was blown away by how quickly it rooted.

You could root it in the pot, but I'd suggest using some hormone and letting it dry a little. The tricky part about rooting in the pot is that the cutting needs more water than the parent plant.

Realistically, you could stick it in the pot and if it doesn't work like you want, you can cut the cutting again and then try it in water.
Pruning will definitely help encourage new growth, trim where you want new branches to start forming and keep it happy enough to grow :)
Personally, mine propped really easily in water and sprouted countless new branches below the cut.

Since you want it to be bushier, maybe cut it on the lower side so the new branches are at the bottom.
@PlantMompy do I cut it right above a leaf (or whatever it's called)?
It will sprout branches where leaves were/are. So take a look at any leaf scars and cut above the ones you want to branch.
@PlantMompy and the cutting will root in water and can be planted back in the pot? Or will that crowd the mother plant too much?
I prop mine in water all the time