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Water wicking?
Hi plant friends. I'm going to be on vacation for 10 days and I'm worried about a few of my smaller plants that need more frequent watering. I tried out the water wicking method which seemed to work really well to move the water from the bowl to the plant, but they sucked up so much water I'm now worried about keeping my plants in moist soil that doesn't dry out for 2 weeks and possibly overwatering. The bottle in the picture was taken 24 hours after starting the process and it was full at the beginning. Plants in question include monstera adansonii, spider, stromanthe triostar all in 4 inch plastic pots in a mix i made with equal parts tropical, indoor, cactus, and orchid bark + added perlite; algerian ivy also in a 4 inch pot in straight bark; and a crispy wave plant (original soil from purchase with some kind of water retentive substrate on top). I have regular cotton thread as well as the cone system pictured here. Any suggestions or experience with water wicking to share to calm my fears?
Wanted to add that I water the ivy every 2-3 days because the bark dries quickly. The others I water every 5-7 days.
OMG, I literally just posted about this! I had the same experience, I didn’t get a chance to experiment before I left, but try bringing the jars lower than the plant.
@calvina I'm torn between being gratified that my gut was right and it seemed like too much water and annoyed because it might not be the solution i hoped for.
@didikillit I totally agree. But I think with some tweaking I might be able to figure it out. For one of my plants it was perfect. I’m not sure if it’s because of the blumat of the plant. If we bring the water lower it will help too. I feel like with time, we can figure it out. I like that they are super well made.

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