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Help save my Raindrop Peperomia
Hi Greggers, there seems to be something really wrong with my Raindrop Peperomia and it was doing fine 5 days ago when I water it. Could this be root rot? As the problem started at the bottom it seems...
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
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Yes, root rot. But these babies will propagate even without roots. Trim off anything that’s rotted away and put it in water. It will sprout new roots.
😬 it looks overwatered. Did you just get it?
No I have it for a month and it has been doing well.
Or is one month considered recent as well?
@DormantDerrick I'd say recent enough. Something I learned about this plant is it doesn't mind not being watered. I had a beautiful plant with lots of leaves. I wasn't giving it enough sun and ALL the leaves came off. All of them.

I was left with a stick in a pot so I removed the plant from Greg and I forgot about it. I came back months and months later and the stick is getting new leaves!!

So it can definitely recover. I have mine in a fast-draining soil with added perlite. I wonder if your soil is retaining a lot of moisture.
@DormantDerrick it looks to be overwatered. Like @sarahsalith said how long have you had it?
Thank you everyone. What should I do now that we have a diagnosis?
@DormantDerrick let it dry out super well. While you're waiting, you might lose that stem, but you can clip it above the rotten part and propagate it.

Bam! More plants.
@sarahsalith thank you for the tip! Take a look at the root it's all gone :(
@DormantDerrick I'd chop and prop them all. Then they have a new start with new roots.
I think I will!! I don't think there's any way to save it otherwise haha. Thank you everyone for giving me do much help!!!
I hope I did this right!
@DormantDerrick you might try sticking one prop directly in soil -- I did the exact same thing to my pepperomia, made props of all the remaining leaves, and the one that I stuck straight into soil survived!
Now it's sprouted a whole little plant :-)
@retrofractusok I'll do just that! It's the weekend I have all the time to experiment!
@DormantDerrick perfect !