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Echeveria, hens & chicks, or hybrid? - plant ID help

Hey all! I’m hoping to get some help IDing one of the plants I got today:)

When I checked the tag I was surprised to see it labeled as a hens and chicks. I assumed the tag was misplaced until I saw the others were also labeled as hens and chicks. Is this a sempervivum variety I haven’t heard of or some kind of echeveria hybrid? Or just a mislabeled plant?

My other 2 plants seem correctly labeled as different echeverias. This one was also placed with the echeverias, not with the other hens and chicks which were in a different area. #PlantID #identify #Echeveria #Sempervivum
4” pot with drainage
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Echeveria Elegans probably. Definitely not hens n chic
Great finds, Madisyn!
@vvvelo do you know the proper name for this Echeveria? Might it be a type of Pearl?
@sarahsalith thank you!!
@vvvelo thank you that seems right!! Thought I was losing my mind when every label I looked at said sempervivumπŸ˜…
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@thingsNstuff you know lol, I have generic ID for any sempervivum- there are short hair/villi on the leaves of every sempervivum and seven-star shape for the rosette
@thingsNstuff where did you get them? Hmedepot? Walmart?
@vvvelo I got them from Zehrs! Had some beautiful succulent arrangements aswell that I wish I took photos of lol
@thingsNstuff nice! I have never heard this brand name.
@vvvelo it might only be in Canada unfortunately, it’s actually just a grocery store but they’ve recently opened up their garden centre
@thingsNstuff ahh ok. I’m in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ