Posted 2w ago by @OliviaJH23

White stuff on soil and more issues
I have had this plant forever it rooted but only ever had one leaf?? I have also noticed this white stuff on my soil #helpneeded #NewPlantMom #LowMaintenance
The white stuff may be white aphids or white flys, if not it may just be perlite if its bagged soil! Depending on what type of plant it is it may not be growing because its not getting its proper requirements, a photo would be great to help identify the issues but if not researching type of plant and it’s water, soil, and light requirements can really help it grow!!
Welcome to Greg, Olive! Do you have a picture you can post?
So it's your Golden Pothos- do you remember if it has a stem to it as well or is it just a leaf?

How long have you had the plant?
The white stuff could be perlite and/or it could be mineral build-up. It doesn't look like anything to worry about.

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