Posted 1M ago by @FunPeony

Its papery and thin on the edges
My elkhorn fern was turning black on one of the leaves i cut it off now the mature leaf is wilting on the edges and papery at the ends but feels fine in the middle part what do i do how can i save it #staghornfern #elkhornfern
2” pot
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Sounds like it could be root rot. Is it possible it could be overwatered?
Indirect light, no drainage and watered every 4 days is a recipe for root rot. Let this plant nearly entirely dry out between watering and give it more light as well. I water mine every 12-14 days and it gets an hour or so of direct morning sun. At this point, increase light (a window with morning sun is perfect,) let it dry thoroughly and hope for the best.

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