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How Are You Getting Ready For Winter?
If you have succulents, what’s your process? How about for your indoor plants? Let us know what you struggle with so others can offer their #WinterTipsAndTricks. It’s never too early to get #ReadyForWinter with grow lights, humidifiers, and heaters. #GregGang, share your process so the #NewPlantParents can learn how the veterans do it.

How are you getting your space ready for Winter?

Picture for attention because it’s an inspiration for my future greenhouse! ☺️
#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentSquad #GreenhouseFanatic #ShareYourProcess #TexasGregGang #CentralTexasGang #NorthTexasGregGang and everyone else. Chime in!
I do one thing differently. When the nighttime temperatures drop really low, I move the succulents on the window sills further back in the room. I just want to make sure they are okay. It will be fun to have a classy green house. 😍💚
It’s still pretty warm here, but I’m starting to move some seedlings indoors instead of planting them outside, and harvesting lots of tomatoes/ blueberries. 🍅 🫐 I have a grow light hydroponics station that I currently use for just the light, and that’s on my seedlings in the closet. 😂 other than that just some cute fall decorations, etc. !! And finished all repotting I wanted to do.
@Pegster thanks for sharing that!

I live in a community with strict architectural guidelines so I can’t buy one that’s easy to put up. I’m forced ti build one that compliments the house. This isn’t it but it’s fairly close! 😅
@tango wow! I love that you were able to grow things this year! Any place is good as long as the plant babies are kept safe from cold winds! Thank you for sharing!
My indoor plants are getting extra smart humidifiers I can program to turn on every hour for 10 minutes or until their ideal humidity is reached. I have an oscillating heater for the ones that aren’t in cabinets since we have alot of glass in the plant room. Full spectrum light strips are in order with automatic timers that turn on and off in 12 hour increments.

My succulents are going in my garage since @RJG reminded me that if I don’t get a greenhouse built this year, the garage is fine too. Thanks for that, love. ☺️ I’m going to have a 220 outlet installed in my garage for a greenhouse heater with a temperature monitor in October. I had already bought shelving for all of my plants so they’ll be moved into the garage and the grow lights will be put up. All larger succulent pots will be wheeled in the first week of November so I can let keep them warm. We are at a higher elevation and tend to get snow while the rest of town doesn’t get any. I am also tagging each plant as winter dormant and summer dormant so I know which ones should be watered and how often they need to be watered.

My tropical perennials will get frost blankets. The cold hardy agaves will get them too and be left outdoors in their pots since they are just too big to move and I don’t want to risk damaging their leaves. I’ll be adding extra mulch to any evergreens of perennials to keep them safe from bitter winter winds.

I realize I have alot to do and it’s just never too early to get ready for a smooth transition. Happy Gardening, Greggers! 🌿
Great post! And love that greenhouse!!! Do the greggers have any tips on how to debug house plants that have to come indoors?
I just ordered more plants and plant stands
@FitSedum hoping and praying we don’t have another snowmageddon this coming winter!
I live in Arizona, so I won't need to worry until Jan which is almost the only month where we *might* get a brief frost overnight.
@Vjunc I just started using Trifecta and Doktor Doom’s miticide spray. They both seem to be working really well. No spider mites on the outdoor plants and it also gets rid of other pests which I haven’t seen after spraying them. Give me about two more weeks and I’ll circle back to let you know how it turns out. 🌿
@Planthoader Growing plants is so addictive, isn’t it? 😅
@TJphilobsessed ohhh, me too. I love the freezing temps but my family doesn’t. They’re miserable in the snow while I’m the person that’s outside all day and night in freezing temperatures. 🤣🤣🤣 We definitely don’t need another snowmageddon again. Not in Texas!
@starfirejem I wondered what Winters were like in Arizona. Thanks for sharing that info! It’s interesting! Lucky you! ☺️
My husband and I are planning to move to a colder climate in about 3 years, so it's also really helpful for me to see what everyone else is doing to prepare.
@FitSedum great advice. I’m getting more into succulents now. So I’m still learning.
Love this thread, so much good info. It gets brutally cold here, humidifiers and grow lights helped my plants last winter.
@FitSedum perfect! I plan on bringing them back inside mid September!
I move most of my indoor plants outside for summer, so as fall approaches, I start watching the low temperatures. When it calls for a night below 45(F), I prep all of the tropicals to come inside. Usually, this means:
- Check for pests
- Spray down pots with pet-safe pesticide
- clear out any weeds that found their way into the pots

They come indoors a couple hours later, and huddle on the plant rack under a couple of grow lights.

When things get into the mid 30s overnight, I sometimes move the plants that are marginal in my growing zone, and put them up next to the apartment. The one benefit of poor insulation: mild heat for the outdoor crew!
@starfirejem I’m glad it’s right in time!
@KikiGoldblatt I’m sure you’re going to find them interesting! I know I did when I first got into them. ☺️
@Sassylimey I feel you. If it weren’t for those two things you mentioned, I don’t think my plants would have survived. 😅
@ESylvanus great advice! Thank you for sharing that with us!
@FitSedum 😊 Of course!! Usually the big tomatoes don’t have enough time to ripen, but this year we were lucky and blessed with a hot, very sunny summer to grow them in!
@tango that is such a blessing! 💗

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