Posted 3w ago by @usera88d85ec

Do I need to cut back my plant? It seems to be growing up and down instead of just down. It looks messy.
1ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Welcome to Greg, Mary! These plants need to be trimmed frequently to prevent them from getting too leggy.
You can also trim the stems and put them right back in the soil. They should propagate and your plant will look fuller. οΏΌ
Newer growth will grow up. After time of maturity they will drop. It does that to protect the stems are not strong enough. I would just let it grow.
I like a bushier plant so I would cut the top growth, propagate it in water and stick it back in the same pot once it has roots. I’ve done this once so far on my baby Zebrina πŸ˜‚.. but I plan on keep doing it
@usera88d85ec this one needs to be trimmed because it’s legged well. The second pic has just got started. I kinda like them a big leggy for a bit then I trim them back. I also posted the last pic which is the same as the first so you can see how leggy it is.

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