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Im scared to overwater my plants, again.

2 or 3 months ago I got these from my friend and im watering them every blue moon because Ive killed so many suc's ive lost count.
Ive wathered them yesterday and that without firtilizer, sould I wait next month to add it?
When I get home I'll provide few pics fo show they are skiny and underwatered.
I sould perhaps have calendar event to remind me to water it every month and not every week.
*they are in tinny tainy pots i cant pooke a finger cuz ill break some of the roots, and pots are like 5 cm deep anyway. #zebraplant
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@LittleCrow I get it!! Mine were in tiny pots like that too. My succulents are in a corner that has a south and west window. So when growing season (which is now, here in Utah, USA) comes, they are growing and drying out more quickly. More quickly for me means, 2 weeks. So I do NOT water except every 2 weeks come summer. In winter, it’s about 4 weeks. My succulents get a wrinkled look when it’s time to water.
@LittleCrow Hi Milica here's a good diagram to provide a guide as to when to water. You can always use a chopstick or a skewer. Or some people know whem to water by judging the weight of their pot dry and when watered.I hope that helps answer your question, all the best 😊
@seymour that's basically the method I use... Though like Milica I've killed more succs than I've ever managed to grow healthily! Lol 🀣 apart from my very first snake plant which had grown SUPER SLOWLY but has beautiful broad "bunny ear" leaves from lots of light (rather than the usual tall, spindly ones you see all over)... Thing is, with the amount of perlite in the soil I find the dip test a bit hard! Lol πŸ˜‚ (plus they're in shallow pots so I can't actually gety finger in to the second knuckle lol) x
@JenniB81 true, I know a lot who use the weight method and you can get quite good at it with much so I know a lot of cultivators who only use it. But there are of course other ways like the look of the plant, leaves or sometimes I think it's about time I water that plant. I don't use the Greg scheduling but it can be a useful guide but I even have a sophisticated soil meter and still just judge it by eye...
Thanks for diagram @Seymour I do know how it works but as ive said they is practicaly no room to pooke finger in. And little one in in sand perlite mix so its practicaly impossible.
@TheOddAsity I'll try to watch them trough these weeks cuz temperature jumped really fast and its too hot. Im keeping them in other room behind window shades, thst way they get direct sjn in morning hours amd not when is too hot.
I'll see to by one moisture meter online.
@LittleCrow totally understand, so in that case I would learn to water by weighing the pot and knowing how it feels without water. But whatever works, even moisture meters have their place. The most common issue for indoor plants is overwatering so that tells us something. All the best!
@Seymour I use weight method on other plants. Mainly on my ficus because he has light soil when its dry, so even if it is little heavy that it usualy is I know not to water him. But for these little f****s its hard to tell.
@Seymour Ill see to by moisture meter, preferably this week.
@LittleCrow hahaha Milica, I enjoyed your comment.You won't become a great plant person without such challenges and April is very good at answers! She often answers my questions for me. I have a sophisticated moisture meter for one of my plants but I disregard it and so far the plant is thriving...but I still have the meter in the pot...maybe it's an insecurity LOL πŸ€” Maybe let us know at some stage how it goes?
@Seymour I will, if i dont kill em. πŸ˜…πŸ€­