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What do you guys do when you travel?
I’m going on vacation for a month and I think my succulents should be fine but not sure what to do with the rest of my house plants like my monstera , for example. Any tips? I don’t have anyone who could come take care of them while I’m out.
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I water them right before I leave then I put them in plastic bags, if it’s a really big pot just get a big bag and cove the pot and light tie up the stem of the plant! Water will last them way longer and the high humidity will make em grow like a weed! I did this when I left for 5 weeks! Didn’t have a single casualty! And came home to so much new growth! 
Good question! There are plant stakes that you fill with water and it gradually waters the pot. And there are indoor watering systems. I’m curious to see what’s working for others! wow 😯 what great info!!! Definitely will try this out👍👍👍 I’ll try this! 🤞🏻Thank You! Ps.: would you do the same with succulents? My guess is they will not like the humidity.
@cpessoa succulents should be fine they are very drought tolerant! I’d just give a really good soak before you go! For example I didn’t put my zz raven in a bag and it did totally fine! Thank You!

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