Posted 9M ago by @TubularTievine

This is a new plant that someone had soaking in water bef...

1ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
That looks more like a kalanchoe blossfeldiana, a florist kalanchoe.
@Tropicalgia, the mother plant has pink flowers the size of US Quarters.
Hmm, it might help to see a picture of the flowers. It just looks more like a kalanchoe than a begonia.
@Tropicalgia Here is a picture of the flowers
Omg, that's a tuberous begonia all right. Funny it doesn't look like the other picture 😅
Ummm... I'm with You, that IS NOT a Begonia that I've ever seen, @TubularTievine 😂ðŸĪĢ😂

That looks more like a Blossfeldiana from your pic. Try Googling it and comparing it to your new plantbaby, ohkay?

ðŸŒŋ Good Luck! ðŸŒŋ
@Tropicalgia Come to find out by three different landscaping companies, it is a begonia but not the type the app says. None were sure exactly what kind it is
One thing about tuberous begonias, they go dormant for winter. You can keep them like a caladium bulb in a bag or in the pot where they won't freeze. I don't have this type of begonia because I'd rather have plants that stick around all year. 😁