Posted 2M ago by @YernLimabean

Why does it look so different?

#AppleMint hi, my mint has a growth on the side that barely has leaves and wondering what that is and if I should do anything to it? Thank you in advance
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
It’s just spreading 😊 When outside, mint spreads like crazy. You can leave it to see if you like how it grows, or snip it back to control the shape and size β˜€οΈ
Nothing to do. It's a runner. It will sprout roots and spread if on the soil. Otherwise it will just be a trailer. Never tried the apple mint. Will look for it at the nursery
@debbiedo thank you for explaining!
@CheyenneRed thank you I hope I grows healthy!
@YernLimabean you bet!