Posted 3w ago by @LordLavender

Hellp what's wrong with my son's plant.
3ft to light, direct
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
My guess is that your Pilea could be a little too dry, since the potting medium looks to be very quick draining and it is in a place with good light. My advice would be to potentially repot the Pilea into a different potting medium, preferably in a pot that has drainage. Pilea plants prefer not to dry out all the way, so using a potting medium that can retain some moisture without being soggy (like adding coco coir for example) could help. The light looks good though!
And by the way, I noticed that you’re a #GregSproutling — welcome to Greg, Ginnie! We’re glad you’re here!! 🌱💚
I just love that your son involved in plant obsession!!

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