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purple sword rubbery
hey guys so I’ve been having trouble with this plant since I got him and at first he was overwatered I think so I quit watering him for a little bit but he still looks bad and he’s turning rubbery do I give him more water his soil is kind of colder and moist but he leaves are turning rubbery ???
8ft to light, indirect
8” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
These guys like to be dry before watering again, they also like soil and pots that drain well.

This guy looks over watered.

Water less, give bright indirect light and only water when soil becomes dry.

What I do is do the lift test....I lift it to see how light it is.... If it's light and seems dry. I water.

I also suggest investing in a moisture meter! 😊
@melodey perfect thanks i’ve been so worried !!
@takobxll keep me updated! Yours is huge compared to mine! Mines just a bébé 🤣
@takobxll I also just noticed what your username says and I love it 🤣🤣🤌
@melodey ahahah thank you and i had baught mine like this. i rather raise the plants from seed or baby so i can learn how they work but i was in a very emotional state and needed the plant

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