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What’s goin on
Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on with Apollo? I had him in a west facing window and the orange coloring was still going on and leaning so I moved him to a south facing window thinking he needed more sun but the orange is still coming in strong. The orange branches or whatever they’re called are squishy and the green ones are pretty solid still. However today is water day according to Greg but I’m not sure what to do #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #SucculentLove #PlantAddict #PlantShelfie #PlantTherapy #AloeVera
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Too much direct sun burning your plant. I do have mine in a west facing window but shade (mini blinds) when the sun is directly on it. 🌞😎
yes i agree with @Sassylimey, looks like sunburn on the leaves :)
@Sassylimey and @arden are right. Aloes actually aren't fans of direct light. I have mine in a sliver of a west window, but I'm ignoring the sunburn on mine. (:
Thank you everyone! I’ll have to find a different spot for it as I don’t have blinds
You definitely need to find a spot with bright indirect sunlight.
@Pegster would a north window be good? I have one that my cat doesn’t get into.
A north window might not give enough light but give it a try while she recovers.
I also have an east one but my cat gets in it a lot but I can try that one too and just watch how she does with it
Aloe turns brown when there’s too much sun :) I’d move to an area with indirect light! If you don’t have blinds and can’t find an area with “indirect light”, move it higher up in the room maybe on a shelf. This will allow it to receive morning light while staying away from the hot afternoon light that most plants disagree with
if it isn’t sunburn, succulents are prone to turn orangey-purple because of extreme temperature shifts, if you live where there’s bipolar weather, that’s why!!
@SpiffyHam the weather here in Indiana is SO bipolar here lately , but I keep all my plants indoors

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