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Might sound dumb, but…
How do I stake or put in a moss pole with Frank? He is so beautiful, but he is SO big! I’m intimidated by the idea of putting things in the pot with Frank, so any advice would be much appreciated! Also…Frank is having a baby - eeek!
Frank is very handsome!

The best time to add a moss pole is when repotting. Choose a pole that's at least a foot taller than he is once installed so he has room to climb and you don't have to replace it so soon.

Frank could probably stand to have two poles, one on the right and one on the left based on the view in the first photo here.

Insert it right up against his tallest limbs and attach him closely to it. You then loosely tie up the other limbs attached to that stalk so they don't pull.

Giving him the moss pole will help him develop aerial roots and encourage him to grow up instead of out.

Go in with confidence and help Frank live his best life!

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