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Greg mug
Just curious how long it took for some people to get their Greg mug? I got my wonderful blue check at the same time so as a lot of others who have already posted that they got theirs. I've been running to the mailbox everyday but no luckπŸ₯² #greggang #greggers #gregteam #gregmug #plantsmakepeoplehappy
I think they special order them in batches and mail them in batches. I know a batch recently went out so it might be a little while longer. 🀞
Yes! They are handmade so definitely a little while. I think mine was a month or two.
I waited about two months I think before mine came recently. I was also super anxious to get it because it’s totally fab! It will come eventually and totally make your day when it does! πŸ’š
I accidentally didn’t see the email and it was about 3 months before I even filled out the form- πŸ˜³πŸ€­πŸ˜…
I’m waiting too @Marthamaywho92
Thats me @tango I missed the email. Its been almost a month since my blue tick and I jus filled up the form couple days ago. I suppose it will take a good long while for the mug to reach me
@Sleepysunday oh I hope it doesn’t!!! 😁
Ok whew! I'm still gonna be checking every day haha
I just got mine and I know a few others did too, the next batch will prob be at least a month

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