Posted 2w ago by @Thecruziest

What do the little burnt ends mean?
7ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Typically, this is a sign of underwatering. You may need to adjust the watering schedule for this plant. I also keep my bird’s nest fern in indirect sunlight and it seems to do best there.
Probably needs a bit more humidity and a bit less light.
@RJG how do I offer a plant more humidity?
@Thecruziest I agree with @dystopiangirl13 and @RJG on this. Less light and also a good spritzing every now and then. Again you can make a makeshift humidity tray for it as well.
@KikiGoldblatt so should I have ferns away from the window? Do you have a go to guide on making a humidity tray?
Also make sure it’s not just sitting in water !
@Thecruziest I have a couple humidifiers in my house
Move to windowless bathroom? I read the bathroom maybe a good area to move the fern given the humidity from the shower; however, my bathroom has no windows. Thoughts? @RJG @KikiGoldblatt
I always try to think about these questions by considering where the plant lives naturally.

No windows at all is probably not gonna work but Ferns live on trees in the jungle closer to the jungle floor. So I think in a well lit room but maybe 5--8 feet from the window

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