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What's a good plant for a room that gets almost no light?
I would like to add a plant to my home office but it gets almost no natural light. I have a window blocked by a bush and that's about it. I do not want to get a grow light. Are there any smallish plants that would survive in this environment?
Snake plants and ZZ plants are the best! Some pothos and philo will work tii but I'd stick with the first two!
All plants need some sort of light, but some thrive in low light! I would suggest a snake plant or ZZ! They’re pretty (if you like them), easy to care for and need low light to thrive :)
Plants that do well in lower (not *no*) light situations include:
🥇ZZ Plant, Cast Iron Plant, Snake Plant, Peace Lily
🥈Philodendron Micans, Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) Plants, Golden Pothos, Spider Plant
🥉Calathea, Tradescantia, Monstera Deliciosa, Parlor Palm

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