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She is taking in too much water.
Hello, I have a Cyclamen persicum and in recent times she hasn't been doing very well.
Her leaves would start to yellow and therefore die, which I thought was due to the heat but it turns out she was holding too much water. I repotted her in a bigger pot becuase i thought her roots were getting in the way, but when I picked her up to check her plate there was still some water in it and the soil was still very wet even though i watered her yesterday.
Usually at about this time her soil should have been slightly moist but it's full on soaked.
I don't know what to do and I would appreciate every tip I can get.
For reference this is her a month ago and today.
She appears to be over watered. She may have suffered too long to save. 🙁 I only water once a week and only if soil is dry. You may consider buying a moisture meter
I used to have them get leggy like that but mine were planted outdoors under a tree; it is possible they got too much water and not enough sun. Can you take yours outside in the sun or bright indirect sun for some of the day? That would help it dry out as well. Good luck. I remember they were somewhat difficult to “read”, as far as their needs.
@AC73LoveCats Thank you so much, I will try that. I have actually taken it to the sun before but it's leaves got a bit burned due to the heat. Throughout the day it gets to be about 36°C (96.8°F), so it's too much for her. But I will place her outside in the shade when it's cooler outside and maybe take her in if it gets to be too hot.
Ok, glad to be of help. Wow, 96 degrees! May I ask, if you want to say, what area you live in? If you don’t want to post, you can email me at AC73Love Cats
I live in a little country in Europe called Bulgaria.
Wow, it’s amazing how people from all over the world can meet on here and talk about our plants. Is 96 degrees typical for your summer, or is that unusual?
It's pretty typical, sometimes going up to 104°F and up.

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