Posted 8M ago by @CooperPooper

Why are a few of the leaves curling up suddenly?
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
I think you have the lighting right. To cover the basics.. make sure you’re not over or underwatering. Let it dry out a little between watering, don’t keep it soggy. It looks a little shocked so if this plant has been growing for awhile without issues, I would guess temperature is the culprit. My calethea are super sensitive to temperature so in my own experience that’s usually why they throw a fit. They absolutely hate cold water. They love room temp or slightly warm water. They’ll even forgive some of your wrongdoings if you buy them a heat pad. If this is a new plant my guess is low humidity. They can struggle to acclimate.
thanks! the sun hit it a little bit this morning so not sure if thats what happened? Good to know about the cold water!
@CooperPooper a little morning sun won’t hurt it but I’d say maybe a pebble tray underneath to increase humidity.

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