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Why does Gloria look so lame?

4” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
I have the same plant as you and these are the things I try. Try using some fertilizers and change your pot placement. Kalanchoes are succulents (with flowers), you don't need to mist them (if you do, pls stop). You should also probably put him/her in a pot with drainage, might be overwatering.
strawberrymoon told me fertilizers that has NPK are effective
her soil might be too organic, kalanchoe are succulents and they don’t like too much organic stuff. also make sure the pot has drainage + she’s probably not getting enough sun. hope this helps ^^
not sure about your species but my kalanchoe (kalanchoe fang) likes direct light from a west window :)
It could be the lighting. Could be overwatering. How often do you water?
Add some dirt mixed with pumice and eggshells. Make sure you crush your shells fine and mix it in. Your plant will absorb the potassium and phosphorus make it stronger. Hope this helps.
@Greenigirlx2 I have read that eggshells don't really help much(?)
@SabelleTo what fertilizer do you suggest and how much water would you say I should add?
Anything that has NPK (Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium(K)) you could make one yourself at home or buy one.

Gram flour
1 liter of water
Mix all those together and let it sit for 48 hours. After that just mix it in a 1(Npk):10(water) ratio and done! You cam now water your plants! (Lasts UpTo 10 days)

You could also use some boiled egg's water because the water has the calcium and potassium of the egg


put egg shells in a grinder and make it to a powder, then add to vinegar (let it sit) then do a 1(Egg+vinegar) : 100 (water) ratio.
@SabelleTo wow that all sounds like a big science experiment to me. I look at Lowes today and buy some lol. I’m literally a Black Thumb gardener. If I can bring Gloria back I’ll be thrilled. Thank you
@Greenigirlx2 this sounds manageable and easy enough. Thank you.
@Dezibynature I think that’s exactly what it is. I drowned it thinking that was what she needed. The light are hard in this house unless I put her outside
@user59d2ed74 you should also try looking for some pots with drainage just in case..
@user59d2ed74 get some grow lights. I promise that will help a lot. Especially for a succulent. And make sure the pot has adequate drainage. A clay/terracotta pot would help keep soil dry too
@SabelleTo this one has drainage but maybe I need more
@Dezibynature I’ll order some today on Amazon. Thank you