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Indoor Lavender Looking Wilty/Limp

I repotted my indoor lavender a little over a month ago. It seemed like one side was dying. Upon inspection, the roots were too large for the pot. Now, it’s struggling and looking limp. I noticed a touch of mold on the top soil this morning. I sprayed some fungicide. Any tips on how to help revive it? Or should I just let it adjust to its new environment and hope for the best?

Pot: it’s potted in a basket with a plastic lining

soil: Regular soil with sand and pebbles added (same soil composition as previous pot)

Location: right by a south facing window

Possible overwatering from wetting the soil before repotting?
18” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
It does sound like overwatering. Also, it is going to want drainage despite the pebbles and sand or a very infrequent watering scheudle. I would recommend putting a fan on it for now and try to dry it out before transplanting to a pot with drainage. I just think another move would kill it right now. You want to see signs of revival and health before stressing it again. I've struggled with lavendar indoors honestly.
No drainage in your pot. Would be my guess.
@TheLunarGardens thank you for the feedback! I’ll try that!