Posted 4M ago by @SharpTreeechium

Bear paw losing bear paw shape?

#BearsPaw why is my bearpaw forming leaves that dont have the shape of the paw anymore? How do i get the cute lil paws back.
10ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
These are juvenile leaves, new growth. A lot of young leaves will not yet resemble the shape of the adult plant... they're cute right now IMO
@SharpTreeechium exactly as @Dustmite mentioned. The younger leaves do not resemble bear paws until the plant matures. Also, I found with my two Bear Paw plants…the variegated BP receives direct sunlight on top of the plant. Making her grow more bushy & full. Where as the non variegated only received on the tips. It was reaching for the sunlight so it grew a bit leggy & her younger leaves do not resemble paws as much. I have recently moved the non variegated to promote more bushier growth. They really do love the sun. 🌞
When my succulents refuse to adhere to their intended shape I know it’s too much sunlight. I have so many gangly echeverias I really don’t what to do