Posted 1M ago by @ZuorpPlanet

Help! Is my plant ok?
I been fight with this plant after a fugues nat infected it and I replanted it in fresh treated soil it’s seems ok and getting new leaves but old ones seem dying more quickly
6ft to light, indirect
11” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Fungus gnats are the bi-product of too much water via not enough drainage. It can also lead to root rot. Check your plant’s roots for anything that is brown and squishy. Back off of watering if the roots are fine. The gnats do a lot of damage underground. Be patient and hopefully, she will recover.
@FitSedum I did make sure once I repainted I have watered it and got rid of all the bad roots I did the hot water trick to treat the soil and waited them planted the soils was very damp and now is barley getting dry

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