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Shriveling to a paper-texture

I bought this Dracaena a week ago and it is already starting to shrivel. It has been mostly in low-medium light but I am going to try to give it more light. I have not watered it yet (was planning to every ~2 weeks) - Iโ€™m weary of over watering it but maybe it needs a good drink to start? Any ideas?
2ft to light, indirect
9โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hmm this could be from a watering issue, but it somewhat resembles leaf spot?

You can check the soil with your finger or a moisture meter to see how dry it is. Give it a really good soak when you water and let it dry out between watering.

With leaf spot, youโ€™ll want to treat it with an anti fungal spray. Also trim back the affected leaves with sanitized scissors. Be sure to sanitize before each new snip so it doesnโ€™t spread. From the photos of the lower leaves I think this is probably the case.

If you can, gently lift it from the pot and see if you can get a glance at the roots. If theyโ€™re dark, papery if dry or slimy/squishy if wet, very soft and smelly then it could also have an issue with the roots.

Can anyone else confirm? #help #Dracaena
Hi @QuirkyWodyetia I think your plant is getting too much sun. This plant need bright *indirect* light. As you have it by a southern window, itโ€™s getting direct light thatโ€™s to harsh for your plant. You can put a curtain up to diffuse the light, move the plant quite a distance away from the window, *or *move it to an east window. Hopefully this will help! Welcome to Greg! ๐Ÿชด๐Ÿ’š
I agree - it definitely looks like fungus but should also not be right next to a south facing window!
@QuirkyWodyetia I just looked at your plant card and saw that your pot is in a planter with no drainage. If this is true, you need to re-pot into a pot with drainage. When a planter doesnโ€™t have drainage a plant is susceptible to root rot. Hopefully your plant does not have this. When you re-pot it, check out the roots and make sure they are not mushy. If you find mushy roots, rinse all the soil from the roots and use sterilized scissors to cut off all the mushy ones. Rinse the roots in hydrogen peroxide and re-pot into a clean planter with drainage and fresh potting mix. If you have to cut off a lot of roots, you may need to put your plant into a smaller planter. The planter should be an inch or two larger than the rootball. Hopefully, your plant doesnโ€™t have root rot, but if it does, you will know what to do. GL! ๐Ÿชด๐Ÿ’š
@SilkenGrasspea thank you for the pointers! How hard is it to get rid of the fungus? I got this plant from Home Depot less than a week ago, so if I will be fighting an uphill battle I may see if theyโ€™ll let me exchange for another (the leafs had some of the spots already when I bought it, but theyโ€™ve continued to grow)
@QuirkyWodyetia Itโ€™s easier if itโ€™s caught early. I had a windmill palm that I lost to a fungal infection because I caught it too late. It would be best to trim off all of the affected leaves and treat it. Definitely look at the roots too but make sure your hands are clean so it isnโ€™t spread. If Home Depot lets you exchange it, that could be a great option if youโ€™re not looking for a rehab project!