Posted 2w ago by @Brantsgarden

Does anyone else use grow lights?
I have numerous of plants 97 or more and I use grow lights and ikea greenhouse cabinets. I wanted to know does anyone else use either and have any tips? Love to hear what others are doing with their babies.
I have 70 + plants, mostly babies yet, I put them wherever I can create a space 🀣 I've made shelves for in front of my windows and a friend just gave me some steps that I've turned into plant shelves, I created a hanging shelf from an old pot rack a grow light from an old standard lamp mounted to the wall πŸ€ͺ
I want to get a pretty lamp and just put a grow light in it!
I love your space! 😍
I have ~120 little guys. I replaced my normal overheads with full-spectrum bulbs and have a couple clip on lamps for supplemental lighting. :)
@malobee thank you so much

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