Posted 4w ago by @EntirelyViszsla

I realized some brown spots. What are they?πŸ˜’
Hi Ahmet - looks like it could be early signs of fungus- just Incase I would spray with fungicide.

Can I ask how frequently you water?
@Vjunc Thanks for helping. I water once every 9-10 days. Doesnt look like rot, It’s not soft. I will put some cinnamon for now😊

I agree with @Vjunc on using a fungicide.
@RJG what are your thoughts?
Does the top look healthy still? Some of my cactus just brown in spots.

If the spots arent squishy and you're waiting for it dry out between watering, I think it looks pretty good.
@RJG the top looks healthy. Thanks for helping😊
@EntirelyViszsla just keep an eye on it. If the spots start to spread we can revisit it!

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