Posted 1M ago by @ConfidentChia

droopy leaves

i’ve been off at college and my mom has been doing her best taking care of this plant but even now in my care it just keeps declining. i’ve tried repotting it because the plant shop i got it from i’ve noticed the soil doesn’t do well but nothing. any help please? i don’t think pothos are my thing, they don’t do well for me haha :)
4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
My pothos usually look droopy when they’re thirsty and yours is in a terracotta pot which suck up water a bit. I would try a new pot, giving it a good soak & maybe trimming some of the vines and placing those cuttings in water 💧
I would recommend taking a couple cuttings and trying to propagate them in water… The soil looks very dry and I don’t see many yellow leaves, so it looks like it is in need of water to me..Good luck!
@Lehhliee i love pothos, mine are usually pretty thirsty even being far from sunlight.
@Lehhliee yeah the terracotta pot wasn’t ideal but i only just recently put in there (like 2 days ago) because it wasn’t doing well in its nursery pot. could it still be thirsty even though i soaked it right after i repotted it?
@ConfidentChia so for terracottas i wanna say it’s best to soak the pot to allow it to be full of water before placing a new plant. Partially because most plants except maybe tropicals shouldn’t be watered immediately after potting because the repotting puts them through a shock. I would wait for a week after you repotted to water again. She may lose some leaves during this time but trimming her back allows it to focus on healing.
Prop the cuttings and place back into your pot when the roots are long enough to make it fuller. Pothos root and live in only water pretty easily and happily too.