Posted 1w ago by @EarthlySoybean

Would someone pretty please look at my oasis and tell me which of my plants would do well planted in the same pot? I’m new and totally confused—sitting here looking at my babies, staring…. TIA
Hey Priscilla! I would get a nice large shallow bowl with a drainage hole and plant your succulents and cacti together 😍 if you do choose to do that try to give them some space in between each other so they have room to grow 🪴
@Vjunc All of them?
@EarthlySoybean as many as you want but since they all have the same watering preference you’ll be safe putting those groups together. You have enough to do as many as you want!
I only know how to kill succulents, but when I looked at your oasis this one caught my eye. It’s really beautiful!
hi! i think the sedum and echeverias will do fine together. they’re often used in arrangements with each other + my own, even though they’re not planted in the same pot, get the same care and are put the same place and do well!

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