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Aloe Vera is drinking like crazy!!!

I'm a new plant owner, and my Aloe Vera's soil has been completely dry every day. I'm scared to overwater it. I have two plants, a succulent and a non-succulent. The succulent drinks more (the other hasn't sprouted though...)!!!
Some conditions are: summer, 6 hours+ of sunlight, Central AZ (so hot, hot, hot ðŸĨĩ!), and the rest you can see on there. Is it normal and how often should I water it???
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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@PlantLover2469 yes it's very normal for your Aloe to be needing water often this time of year. Just like us, the more sun we get, the thirstier we get 😊 the only thing I would watch is if the water is coming out of the drainage holes and how quickly. If it's coming out as fast as you can pour it in then the soil is likely hydrophobic and isn't absorbing any of the water. If that's the case, simply fill a bowl or your sink with water and submerge it up to the base of the Aloe until the soil is wet all the way through. Let it drain and the roots dry for a few hours before potting it back up with fresh soil.
Hope this helps and Good Luck 🍀
@Lifeis2short Thank you so much!
@PlantLover2469 you are very welcome!