Posted 1w ago by @GrandBlackpea

Most of the leaves had fallen off and I see it growing some buds on the sides and it’s looking bright in the center :D.
I repotted it and changed the soil but it’s not growing much. Is it just growing slowly? Or is there something more I can do to help it?
Your plant looks like my one “rescue” that Greg identified as a Ghost Plant but…. My true ghost plant grows like crazy. I think we have something else that’s slower growing. First picture is June 22, second is today after following “ghost plant” watering and soil recommendations. Still doesn’t look the best 🤷‍♀️
@UnharmedWeed your plant looks like mine! Is yours growing any buds? Hmm I wonder if I may be under watering mine. It’s looked like this for about 2 months now with some growth.
Mine doesn’t have any buds on the side like yours :( It did have these two leaves that were loose and propagated really easily though! Your soil composition looks ok, if you just repotted they usually say to wait a couple days to water. It might be stressed a bit from the repot but it should perk up in a bit. Since it’s so heavy I would maybe put a popsicle stick in there for support til the bottom bud gets bigger? I would hate to suggest you chop and prop and have it not work 😝
I’m currently experimenting with that with another plant
@UnharmedWeed I was thinking of that! I actually have some sticks laying around. I am not ready for propagating or making any cuttings yet as I don’t think I’d do it right lol

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