Posted 1M ago by @goldilocks

Looking very rough

I have inherited this snake plant and it definitely needs some help. What can I do with the broken shoots. There are so many of them. Is the pot over crowded? Any ideas that can help me bring life back to this guy would be appreciated.
1ft to light, direct
13” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I'd cut them all the broken leaves off all the way so the plants energy can regenerate towards new growth.
I agree with the above comment. Cut all the broken/damaged leaves to the base. You could gently pull it out a bit from the pot to see if it’s root bound or if it just needs some new potting medium.
Hi I think she just needs your tlc replant it you should hav some nice pieces right there even the ugly ones separate they actually just need a nice flat cut we’re the damage is at it will heal and there more if a shade plant like dappled sun and lots of under watering not over due to it catches puddles of water they can’t release hope this helps I would to see it if you repot
@Ninabeena you know exactly what your talking about 🫢🏼
roots">@M_i_a_roots aww you are so sweet and very knowledgeable. I have learned so much from everyone here πŸ€—
@goldilocks One thing you want to remember is that Sansevierias like to be pot bound so being crowded would not be an issue. For esthetics you can remove the unsightly leaves but that’s more a personal preference.