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Next steps for purple sweet potato
Last week I impulsively planted this piece of purple sweet potato that was starting to sprout, it’s been growing insanely fast and now this is where it’s at. I looked up how to grow sweet potato online and they all said to get them to this point outside of a pot and then plant them… but since i have them like this already planted, could I just keep them in here and maybe add more soil and just let them keep going? If not, how do you recommend replanting them? Thanks in advance!!! (Second picture is the plant just <6 days ago!) #SweetPotatoVine #SweetPotato #GregGang #AskGreg
How deep is the grow bag it's in now?
@tmbryant37 i have about 6 inches of soil in it right now, but it can hold probably a good foot or more of soil. i ran out of soil while i was planting it so i was like eh i’ll see what happens and get more to add later if things go well 😂 i think now might be the time!
Lol 😆

Yeah, I think I would pull it our, add a lot more depth, and put it back in.

And part of it depends on if you really want to grow the potatoes or if you just like the vine. If you want the veggies then give it as much depth as you can. If you don't I'd still add some soil bit I doubt you would need as much.
@newpoort I agree 💯 with @tmbryant37

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