Posted 2M ago by @RulerKippernut

Flowers are falling

I'm not sure if this is uncommon or fine in strawberry plants but the petals are falling from the plant and I'm wondering if it's unhealthy for that to be happening. Would also like to mention that they were doing great! And then I transplanted themπŸ˜” #Strawberry #Starberries
10” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
If I’m not mistaken it usually means a strawberry will start growing there. I’m not sure if they will drop petals just being transplanted but I’m pretty sure it’s a good sign.
@RulerKippernut The petals of the flower fall off after having been pollinated. Here’s a website that will give you more info on Strawberry growing flowers/" target="_blank">
The petatls falling off is totally normal I have like 7 strawberry plants and they are thriving and giving me so much fruit and the petals ALWAYS fall