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Horus update 2
I just repotted Horus and have not watered him. Turns out his last pot did have drainage I'm just not sure if it was the best. His soil is completely dry right now and his stems are still limp and squishy. His roots were brown but I could get all of the soil off of his roots. I did get a cutting from one of his stems to prop. Now I'm not sure if I should water him or wait a bit.
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Do you have pics? If it’s recovering from rot you probably don’t want to water yet.
Sometimes they can recover from rot it left dry for long enough. Sometimes they only partially rot. I’m trying to remember which one Horus is
Ahh ok I found the post. It’s hard to say. Usually droopy is a sign they need water. But some plants get droopy from overwatering. So I would maybe watch it for a little longer to see if there’s any change.
What kind of plant is Horus?οΏΌ
Sorry should've put his plant profile in there, he's a Bolivian begonia @FairFicus
@DazzlingOasis thank you!
@SirLiquorice @FairFicus so I took a cutting from Horus to prop and it was limp and I put it in a bottle of water. When I checked it this morning it stiff as a board

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