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Question about propagating
Are there any plants that do better than others for propagating? I was thinking about propagating but I kinda just want to get some opinions. ^-^ #Propagation #HappyPlants #NewPlantMom
18ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
So there are some that have more sucess than others, so even if you do everything right it has a small chance of not working. Depending on which plant you do, you should look up how to correctly propagate so you don’t cut it wrong and have an unsuccessful prop. Also, just remember, some take much longer than others so patience is a key factor. Don’t accidentally throw one away because it took too long. Most when not being successful will shrivel up or brown completely
i took a look at your profile and i see that you have a cylindrical snake plant! that one can be propagated :)
@voidnuggets Ok I wil try that one and see how it turns out
@_jordan_ i think this type of snake has to be put in soil instead of water for propagation? from all the pics i see online it looks like they stick the plants in soil
@voidnuggets Mk thanks for the information:)
11M ago
Based on experience and got 100% hit rate on propagation are monstera (albo, normal), cane begonias, most philodendrons, raphidophora tetrasperma, snake plants. Either water propagation or straight to soil media.
11M ago
Of course to have 100% propagation the leaf must be healthy and provide good lighting condition
@cjred Ok I’ll check for all the leaves and make sure everything is ok.
Thank you for all of the recommendations! :)

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