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Has anybody tried these products for their flytraps?
Needing advice..My husband got too excited on caring for our venus flytraps, and ordered these products from Amazon. I wonder if anybody here have tried feeding these to their VFTs..? If any, results? 🙂 #VenusFlyTrap #PlantAddict #HappyPlants
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
I have found mine to be a good hunter on her own. I have read that for freeze dried foods, you should soak them first. When feeding your trap, place the mealworm in the middle of a trap bigger than the food. Stimulate the cilia with a toothpick so it believes the food is alive. Good luck!🤞
@McWifey I see..
I’m kinda hesitant as am still learning about my plants. 😅
Thanks for the info 🌱
I might add that for trap to close, small receptor spikes need to be touched twice within a certain time. And touched 3 times after trap closes to activate the enzymes that will digest the insect. So for any benefits you should only use live insects that will move around inside the trap.
@drakosmüm yes this will work great with your Venus Fly Trap.
I use the freeze-dried meal worms. they like them. or mine do
@kris10nicolee i just tried it on them, and it seems they do like it. Tho i guess i need to soften the dried mealworms more before giving it. Do you put it on each trap or just a few on each plant?
you only feed MAX 3 traps per plant and yea soak the worms like 15 minutes before you give them to them and USE DISTILLED WATER ONLY. NEVER USE REGULAR TAP WATER FOR ANYTHING REGUARDING VFTS! so important!!!
and make sure the worm you give them isn't any bigger than MAX half the size of the trap.
so a meal worm this size could feed 2 traps. depending on size of your traps.
@kris10nicolee gotchu! Thanks for these info.. do they digest the mealworm completely, or do i remove the remnants when they open their mouths again?

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