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Trunk rot- yucca cane
My yucca cane plants (4-5ft long) that I rescued yesterday have severe trunk (bottom trunk that was barried into soil) rots. The bark at the bottom come off so easily and the inner white part is mushy too. There were lots of tiny white ?larvae when I took the bark off and some flies. I'm so scared at this point that it might start spreading the infection to my other plants. For now I washed them, scrubbed off the mushy part and put outside to dry.

What should I do at this point? Is it worth trying to save this..? Is putting the trunk and roots in diluted bleach going to kill off all the bugs?
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Sounds like a project! Welcome to Greg, M!

If you could add some pictures, that'd be helpful.

I think if you should consider cutting the stem a few inches over the rotted area, making sure to cut well above the larva, too.

Then I would suggest that you figure out if you want to water propagate it or let it scab over and propagate it in well-draining soil.
Can you post a picture? I think you might be able to cut it above where the rot is and then root it again. But it depends on how advanced the rot is.
Yes I will post some pictures when I get home. The rot is 3-4 inch's from the base of the trunk. The trees are quite long. Would water propagation still work?

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