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My Alocasia Polly is not happy again 🥲

I just don’t know what to do for him anymore! I did the soil mix that @RealSimpleMama recommended to me, I put a humidifier near him, gave him better light… so why are his leaves turning brown? This is making me so sad, because normally I nurse sad plants to their full glory. I bought this one perfectly healthy, and I’m lost! Can anyone help me figure out what he needs? By the way, he is most definitely not overwatered, his soil is dry until the bottom of the pot, where the moisture meter says Normal. So we can rule that out. And he doesn’t have root rot, when I amended his soil, I took the opportunity to check his roots too. They are perfect. 🙏🏻Please help! #GregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #helpneeded #PlantTherapy #AlocasiaAddicts #Alocasia #AlocasiaPolly #babevila
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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OH MY GOSH I BET I KNOW WHAT IT IS. TAKE THAT TRAY OFF OF THE POT. Completely pop it off. I haaaaTe those pots (dollar tree?) because moisture will stay in that tray even after you have watered and we cannot see it so we don’t think to empty it out. I permanently pop off those trays, like I never put it on there again and I just get a clear tray instead. If it smells mildew in there, then I would definitely sprinkle the top of the soil with cinnamon. You could certainly try to repot it again just so that you can put fresh clean soil again and check the roots. But that is up to you. I bet that pot is the culprit!!!!!!!
The pot looks so small. Maybe you should pot him in a larger pot? @BabeVila
@BabeVila Maybe he’s adjusting still to all the recent changes?
Hey! I’m so sorry my friend. I had a few quick thoughts, see what you think.

It is quite possible that the plant was having problems earlier, and while you fixed whatever the problem was, those older leaves are just continuing to deteriorate. You can certainly trim them off and see what the new growth looks like over the next few weeks!

I also wanted to see what the roots looked like when you did the repot, I am not convinced that this is a root rot issue as I think you would see a lot more nasty, brown, and yellow squishy leaves. But just wanted to make sure that the root ball looked like it was doing OK. I am here for you! We are going to figure this out! 🌱☀️❤️
@PlantHapppy the pot should only be 1-2” bigger than the root ball of the plant. He is a big plant but his root ball is a lot smaller than you would think by his size 💚
@BabeVila Gotcha! Just be patient. Maybe he’ll come out of it. My anthurium is doing the same. I am ignoring her. 🙄
@RealSimpleMama Do you think I should unpot him so you can see the roots? When I last amended his soil a few weeks ago, they were immaculate. White, plump. Would it stress him if I check again? Also I noticed this morning, the leaves that are yellowing, the stems are also not looking good now: darker than the others and soft. I cut three that had stems like that and put cinnamon on the cuts and in the soil. I have to go to work but anything you can think of that I could do when I get home would be amazing. I love this plant so much, I’ve grown rather attached to him lol. Thank you for everything by the way! 💖
@RealSimpleMama oh my god! Wow! I read that they love self watering pots but yes this one is from Dollar Tree! But now that you mention it the leaves were NOT yellowing before he was in this pot. Aaaargh! I will pop the bottom off now. Will he be okay until I get home from work in like 9 hours? I will go in late if I have to! Lol
@RealSimpleMama okay so this is what the tray looks like. He’s about due for a watering. No mold/mildew smell though. I don’t see anything that looks like mold, just soil and some water, but that is enough to breed some mold…
@BabeVila I do the same thing that @RealSimpleMama said. The trays go straight to the trash. You likey caught it in time before it got moldy since it hasn't been that long since you repotted. I'll bet @RealSimpleMamais right and you see a huge difference soon! 💚🫶🏼🍀
@BabeVila I’m glad you caught it! I wonder when the last time you watered was. I bet even if it’s pretty much dry now, that it was sitting in wet for a bit. I know the plant will be ok but you’ll probably lose those leaves.
@RealSimpleMama I cut them because the stems were mushy feeling 😢 but I will heed your word. Is it self watering pots in general that are bad?
@Lifeis2short @RealSimpleMama it’s a good thing I’m so obsessed with my plants (as my mom says) and inspect them all regularly because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have caught this in time. The tray is trashed and I put a regular clear one under him. I gave him a tiny bit of water this morning because his soil was so dry. All the rest of the leaves look great, so hopefully I don’t lose any more than the 3. There is one leaf I didn’t cut but is still yellow around the edges. The stem isn’t mushy though so I left it alone. Do you think I should cut it or leave it? If I leave it would it spread a potential infection to other leaves? Should I repot and do a root cleanse with peroxide? Sorry for all the questions.
@BabeVila hey lady don't be sorry! How else is anyone supposed to learn anything if they don't ask questions? (See, exhibit A: I had to ask a question to learn how you learn without asking questions (I think I just got myself confused 🤪)) and that's what the Greg app is for 😊 now what was the question? Oh yeah, I think it should be fine if you leave it but I would keep on "obsessing" just in case. You repotted it how long ago?
@Lifeis2short a few weeks? To amend the soil because it was holding too much water before. So I put in orchid bark and more perlite.
@BabeVila hey! I wouldn’t rush to cut it off. I think you caught the issue before it got too serious. That leaf won’t heal but it should stop the damage. Keep us posted and no worries! As far as those pots, I personally don’t use self watering for anything because I don’t trust it and I have control issues. 😵‍💫 Some people like them for certain plants but I can’t remember who nor which.
@RealSimpleMama well, as always, thank you! I will monitor him closely and hope he gets better. And now that I know what you told me, I’ll definitely be more judicious about which pots I choose going forward 🩷
@BabeVila of course my friend! The only reason I know is becaaaaaause I’ve killed plants in those damn pots too. So don’t worry, we’re all here to help each other. 🌱☀️❤️ At this point I say leave him alone and let him do his thing behind the scenes.
@BabeVila I second what @RealSimpleMama said and for the exact same reasons 🤪