Posted 1Y ago by @DazzlingOasis

Limp stems

One of Persephone's stems went limp and normally she does this when I need to water her but I just watered her. Is it possible that I overwatered and that's why?
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0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
It also can be too much water/soil and also not enough sun light? I love the plants name
I agree with Janai, not enough sunlight.
@jcPlantProper @plantina91 I moved her from the north window to the west window because she was getting sunburnt and now she's not getting enough😩
@DazzlingOasis she has tender leaves IMHO perhaps moving her to and east facing window where she'll get morning sunlight but not that hot evening sun.
@Sassylimey my bad, I moved her from the east window because she was burning, so then I tried North but her profile said she like direct sun so I mover her to my west window and now it's not enough
Maybe supplement with a grow light @DazzlingOasis