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Care tips for a Rose Calathea?
What are your care tips for this gorgeous plant? I got my new #RoseCalathea on sale for a whole Β£7.49! 🌱πŸͺ΄

Thanks in advance #GregGang ! #Nallon #NewGrowth #CalatheaCrew
2ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@Nallon beautiful plant, great question. I recently purchased one and would love any info to help her flourish.
Humidifier is key and keep her soil moist!
@PinkPrincess perfect, off to Amazon I go…!!
I mist mine a few times a day as and it’s loving it.
Use distilled water or rain or even fish tank water since our tap water tends to be full of chemicals
mist (I do mine every few days or so, depending how sunny it is tbh) and distilled water are a definite must!

Also if you don’t have, or want to buy a humidifier group her with a bunch of other plants - this has seemed to work well enough with my Calathea’s
I learned this from someone in Greg although I don't really remember who but I think it's @sarahsalith but anyways, I learned that they would sacrifice one leaf if you overwater them
Definitely watch the quality of the water and how much πŸ’¦. I use filtered water and let a large jug of it sit out overnight. This allows the gases in tap water (chlorine and fluoride) to dissipate and not irritate the plant. My Rosie hasn’t had any brown edges on her new leaves πŸƒ 😊 with this method…so far πŸ˜†. Agree with all the others about humidity. Although I’ve also read misting the leaves can promote mold or other issues so I guess it depends on how dry your air is. She’s a cutie!πŸͺ΄πŸ€ πŸ₯°
I’ll say be wary of misting. I have killed calathea doing that. It is tricky to get the right about of humidity vs water - you have to balance them. They like humidity more than water.
Also they needs lots of indirect light. This is not a low light plant. Their happiest if they get about 10 hours a day.
If you learn to care for the properly they are REAL stunners πŸ’šπŸͺ΄πŸ‘πŸΌ
@Vinxy2 amazing thank you. Yeah I’m always very wary with my misting bottle and will go with a paper towel (or more likely a jumper sleeve) and collect any big drops. I’m thinking once she’s out of pest preventing isolation I’m going to try a pebble tray as it’s working well for my Swiss cheese vine! @PinkPrincess @PlantEuphoria @GardeningDiva @lyndal @Sabel @MariansOasis Has anyone got tips for repotting her too?! I am pretty sure there’s a net round the roots. Thanks to all of you for your replies as well - much appreciated πŸŒ±πŸ’š
Only repot one size up and wait 3-4 weeks from when you got her to do so, so she has proper time to acclimate to her new home. I would keep half the old soil mixed with new and water her once she’s in her new pot a little to settle 😊
@Nallon I got one for myself , then quickly got one for my plant babies! My ferns are loving it.

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