Posted 7M ago by @Gbrownie1

My plant has become really sparse on one side and bushy on the other. I turned it to give the other side more light. Would cutting off the non-leafy stems help encourage growth?
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
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Yes pruning does encourage bushier growth on fittonia. You can also propagate the cuttings to add to the fullness. I do this for my fittonia and polka dot plants and they love it.
Keep in mind, this is a ground-cover- it naturally wants to spread. (:
I find mine likes when I rotate it a bit, I do it once a week on watering day, and seems to help keep it bushy
7M ago
Mine gets water every 3 days a d rotation once or twice a week.
@sarahsalith so would these be better suited it a wider, more shallow style pot? I feel like mine has gotten too heavy to exist in my current pot
@Hannahroolz you could defiantly try that! It would look pretty cool in a shallow and wider pot. Your plant is really growing!
@sarahsalith awesome thanks!!!

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